Paper/workshop Presentations

The following poster presentations were submitted for the Three Rivers Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2015. The theme of the conference was Student Engagement.

Assessment_in_HE_whos_engaging_us-thmbKeynote Address: Assessment in HE: ‘Who’s engaging us?’ by Professor Susan Orr, Dean of Learning, Teaching and Enhancement (National Teaching Fellow), University of the Arts London.FoundationPress_thmb4001a. Foundation Press – Student Engagement in a Research Active Curriculum by Woodhouse J.(Staff), Phillips, A.(Staff) and Fell, M.(Student) from the University of Sunderland.Extending_current_approaches_to_student_engagement_Thmb1b. Extending current approaches to student engagement: Engaging with ‘pre-student’ partners in course design and delivery – lessons learned and future implications by Janes G. (Staff) and Lunn W. (Student) from Teesside University.SupportingTransitions-thmb1c. Supporting transitions – working with students as partners to develop innovative approaches to pre-arrival provision by Nolan S. (Staff) from Durham University.TeachingFashionDesignStudentsBusinessConcepts-thmb1d. Teaching fashion design students business concepts using visual narrative by Smith, A. (student at Northumbria University; also staff at Harrogate College).Does_Engaging_Students_in_the_Assessment_Process-thmb1e. Does engaging students in the assessment process impact upon their development? – A view of the journey from the halfway point by McGrath R. (Staff) and Rodgers G. (Staff) from Teesside University.Transforming_learning_and_student_engagement-thmb1f. Transforming learning and student engagement: a critical consideration of the potential of ‘students as partners’ by Bryson, C. (Staff), Rinaldo-Langridge, F. (Staff) and Petie, O. (Student) from Newcastle University.Improving_Student_Statistical_Skills_thmb2a. Improving student statistics skills by Dawson B. (Student), Case G (Staff) and McKenzie, K. (Staff) from Northumbria University.DigitalReflectionorDigitalReflexivity2b. Digital Reflexivity or Digital Storytelling: A hybridity of creative reflective practice by Armstrong, P-A. (staff), Lamb, S. (Student) and Wade, J. (Student) from the University of Sunderland.Developing_an_academic_literacy_tool_SALT-thmb2c. Improving student writing: working in partnership to produce an online academic literacy tool by Becker, S. (Staff); Kennedy, L. (student) and Spence, N. (student) from Teesside University.Mind_The_Gap-thmb2d. Mind the Gap: the impact of pedagogies of partnership on the student learning experience, an investigation into the transition of UK 6th Form students to Level 4 undergraduate study by Sloan D. (Staff), Manns H. (Staff) and White K. (Staff) from Northumbria University.Student_engagement_in_PGT_Studies-thmb2e. Student engagement in Postgraduate Taught Studies: Preliminary findings from the Postgraduate Experience Project (PEP) at Teesside University by Nutt, D. (Staff) and Nixon, C. (Staff) from Teesside University.Engaging_with_Academic_Writing_in_the_University_Business_School-thmb2f. Engaging with academic writing in the University Business School: supporting transition through the Academic Writing Skills for Business programme by Nathan P.B. from Durham University.Student_Transition_To_And_Through_A_Chemistry_Degree_Thmb3a. Student transition to and through a chemistry degree by Robson, J. M. (Staff) and Tyson, A. (Student) from Durham University.Trying_it_on_for_size-thmb3b. Trying it on for size! Using supported self-reflection, without the need for assessment, to motivate student development by Ferrie, L.J. (Staff) from Newcastle University.From_INERTIA_to_BEYOND-thmb3c. From INERTIA to BEYOND: achieving cognitive engagement and social mobility through international experience by Pearce, A. (Staff), Powell, L. (Staff) and McGrane, A. (Staff) from Northumbria and Sunderland Universities (with students Hurst, J., Costello, J., Oh, S. and Cho, J. of Northumbria University, Kyungpook National University and Chonnam National University appearing on video)Autoethnography_for_Focused_Introspection-thmb3d. Proposing autoethnography as a method of facilitating critical reflexivity for Professional Doctorate students’ by Hayes, C. (Staff) from the University of Sunderland.Understanding_student_interpretations_of_intellectual_stimulation-thmb3e. Knowledge to transform student teaching and learning? Understanding student interpretations of intellectual stimulation by Allin L. and Fishwick L. from Northumbria University.Engaging_learners_through_peer_support-thmb3f. “The PASS programme has been fundamental to my experience as a first year”: engaging learners through peer support by Myer, S. (Staff) and Cotton, Y. (Staff) from Teesside University.SkillsGapWhatSkillsGap_thmb4a. “Skills gap, what skills gap?” Making employability and professional skills development relevant to part time students by Bishop, G. (Staff), Morahan, M. (Staff) and Braithwaite, R. (student) from Teesside University.Fictional_narratives_as_part_of_a_blended_learning_approach_to_nurse_education-thmb4b. The development of fictional narratives as part of a blended learning approach to nurse education by Corkish, C. (Staff) from Northumbria University.Students_in_further_and_higher_education_investigating_perceptions-thmb4c. Investigating the perceptions of professional psychologists that students in further and higher education hold. By Swann, L. (Student), Orme, E. (Staff) and Ingwersen, J. (Staff) from Northumbria University.Peer_to_Peer_Mentoring-thmb4d. Peer to Peer support – Exploring student nurses perceptions of peer mentoring within the Student Buddy Scheme by Wheatley, M. ( Staff) and Hitchen, J. (Student) from Teesside University.Academic_Literacy_and_the_Transition_to_Studying_Architecture-thmb4e. Academic literacy and the transition to studying architecture by Bramley E. (Student), Holgate, P. (Staff) and Welch, H.(Student) from Northumbria University.UsingNarrativePedagogyToPromoteCollaborateLearning_Thmb5a. Using narrative pedagogy to promote collaborative learning by Telford, M. and Senior, E. from Northumbria University.Whos_Values_What_Values-thmb5b. Who’s values, which values? A preliminary consideration (phase 1 of 3) of a doctoral study into the relationship between non-cognitive admissions criteria and the students’ journey through a physiotherapy degree programme? By Trevor Wynter (Staff) from Northumbria University.An_evaluation_of_an_online_experiential_learning_tool-thmb5c. An evaluation of an online experiential learning tool to develop skills for professional practice by Llewellyn, A. from Teesside University.Music_Enterprise-thmb5d. Preparing Students for their Futures: Music Enterprise at Newcastle University by Nolan, J. (Staff) and Galvin, I. (Student) from Newcastle University.Student_Engagement_in_Final_Year_Independent_Project_Work-thmb5e. Student Engagement in final year independent project work by Knowles, M. (Staff) and Dixon, D. (Staff) from the University of Sunderland. Engaging_with_Autonomy-thmb5f. Engaging with Autonomy: reconciling independent learning and student expectations by Sober, R. (staff) and Hogg E. (student) from Teesside University.

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